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The Arrow of Time, Diego Goldberg

Every year on June 17 — that’s his anniversary with his wife — Goldberg takes a portrait of everyone in his family, and adds it to this project. There are no formal preparations, so the photos reflect the way each person looked on that day. There is no fancy equipment either. Goldberg uses his Nikon — at first he used film, but now he shoots with digital — to take the pictures. "Even if everybody has a camera, and anybody can do it, nobody thought of such a simple idea." But, he adds, "sometimes the simplest ideas are the best."

Diego says he gets mail every day from all over the world, and viewers express one of two things: “I will do it when I form a family” or “How come I didn’t think of it?” In response, Diego says: "Find your own angle and stick to it. After a couple of years you’ll see it was worth the effort." 

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حتى هذا الطائر قرر أن لا يبقى رهين عشه في مثل هذه اﻷجواء وأن يستمتع ♡